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Mp3s from Monergism

Mp3s from Monergism

January 28th, 2009 by JHG

An Update from Monergism:

We have created new sermon folders for: Russell Moore’s Walking the Line: Glimpses of the Christ Life in the Book of Proverbs and Peace, Justice, and Jesus?; Paul Tripp’s & Dave Harvey’s Marriage and the Mercy of God Conference; Ken Jones of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church Demonation did a series on Biblical Interviewing Skills to Evaluate Applicants Integrity; Second Presbyterian Church of Memphis, TN just released their Christian Life Conference MP3s.

We have also updated some folders with newer sermons such as: Nick Needham; Ian Hamilton; Michael Horton; Biblical Counseling; New Testament Sermons By Book and Old Testament Sermons By Book.

This year we celebrate John Calvin’s 500th birthday on July 10th, 2009. To learn more about John Calvin and his Calvinism Theology, we have several links to choose from:

1. John Calvin’s Biographies and Writings

2. John Calvin’s Audio Multimedia
3. The Theology of Calvinism
4. Calvinism Audio Multimedia

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